Thursday, August 21, 2008

John McCain is to the Economy as George W. was/is to Foreign Policy.

There's a refreshing lack of pretense about a man who doesn't know how many homes he owns brings back memories of the 2000 election, when, then, Gov. George W. Bush, generated the "warmth" of the "regular" man, ignorant of the blue-blooded protocol and knowledge that seemed to radiate abundantly from his "eggheaded" opponent Al Gore.

That is, it's "refreshing" when your only expectation of that man is meeting him at the local pub to chug down a few brewskis and discuss the latest on your favorite team.

However, when the man in question is running for the most powerful office in the world, ignorance, and even worse, deliberate ignorance, can only serve to debilitate, drain, exhaust and impoverish our already weakened state.

John McCain's ignorance about information, almost as obvious as your given name, sheds additional light on John McCain's discomfort with anything related to finance or economics. Just as George W.'s deliberate ignorance of anything "international" - in combination with a multitude of other factors - has resulted in tragic consequences, John McCain's obvious disquietude about anything economic/financial could prove disastrous.


Mark E,  10:17  

Don't be so hard on him. He is no W.
Undoubtedly, economics is not his strength but he is aware of the that and has gotten rid of Phil Graham and now uses Economist Mark Zandi, author of Financial Shock.

He knows what he is talking about.

bleute 20:25  

Good point. From what I understand about Mark Zandi, he really understands what's going on.

Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous,  23:01  

Mark Zandi doesn't mean shit. How do you know McCain will listen to Zandi once he gets in office?
Face it. He's out of touch with the common man, just like the first President Bush when he was shocked to see a supermarket scanner.

And they call Obama an elitist.

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