Friday, August 22, 2008

Obama or McCain? Forcing a False Perspective.

Partiality that prevents objective consideration of an issue or situation is unavoidable whether you are a journalist, blogger, anchor, teacher, bartender, doctor, lawyer, etc., because, above all else, we are human and human beings, by nature, are incredibly biased. That said, as one commenter pointed out in response to my last post comparing John McCain and President Bush, I overlooked an important fact. I failed to mention Economist Mark Zandi, author of Financial Shock, who is now advising John McCain and, unlike Phil Graham, Mark Zandi seems to know what he's talking about.

So, now that McCain has severed ties with Phil Graham, one of the creators of the current financial crisis, my main reason for crossing him off my list, and since I found out Barak Obama believes in capital punishment for child rape, a result of defective thinking, judgment, etc., in my estimation, blurring my view of both candidates. My lack of confidence in both candidates may factor into my tendency to show a bias toward Obama, against McCain -- # of anti McCain posts far out# anti Obama posts -- because vilifying one over the other makes it much easier to choose. However, just as optical illusion can be employed in photography, film making and architecture to force a certain perspective on the viewer, by creating a villain, we can force a false perspective on ourselves in order to avoid the discomfort of ambiguity.

Although, I believe my last post is "truthful" in a general sense, McCain does not seem to covet the stubborn mindset of President Bush, very important to the point I was trying to make when comparing the two. If McCain surrounds himself with credible economists, and does the best he can to educate himself, it could very well compensate for his ignorance in that area. Paradoxically, McCain's lack of conviction regarding the economy may prove beneficial in the long run as he may be more flexible and better able to digest the degree of bias an expert might have.

Overall, Obama is my choice right now, however, with a little more clarity...


Anonymous,  00:40  

Why so blurry?

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