Sunday, October 19, 2008

Anti-Abortionists and Advocates for Gay Marriage Naturally Form a Symbiotic Relationship.

Believe me, it's not easy to oppose abortion and advocate for gay marriage at the same time, as those who believe this way tend to ruffle the feathers of both conservatives and liberals. So, I will frame this argument from a "morally relativistic" point of view (even though I'm a moral realist), as it eliminates any type of overall morality from interfering with my attempt at "logic".

Christians often choose abortion as the issue that determines which lever they pull when choosing who they want to represent them in Washington. Unfortunately, those same Christians often oppose gay marriage. This is clearly a non-sequitur, as gay marriage is a natural "antidote" to abortion. On the other hand, advocates of same-sex marriage often support the right to choose when abortion should be a non-issue for the exclusively homosexual, as homosexuality naturally limits abortion. Remember, this argument is from a morally relativistic point of view as a moral relativist has no right to impose his sense of morality on anyone else.

Therefore, I propose the following argument to support my position.

1. Premise: Life begins at conception.
2. Premise: Homosexuals who practice homosexuality exclusively cannot conceive.
3. Premise: Abortion ends the process that conception began.
4. Inference: This implies that homosexuals cannot begin the process of life.
5. Inference: Therefore homosexuals cannot have abortions.
6. Conclusion: Homosexuals naturally limit the number of abortions.
Right off the bat, people will dispute premise #1 because most "pro-choicers" do not believe life begins at conception, however I argue it does. With the exception of Jesus Christ, without conception, 99.9% of us would not exist. Evidence to debate premise #2 and #3 is non-existent.

Okay, where does "symbiosis" enter the equation? Well, homosexuality, by its very nature cuts down on the rate of abortion without any effort from anti-abortionists. Abortion, by its very nature, is a non-issue for homosexuals, if they are allowed to love the way God intended and since marriage, supposedly, is the ideal institution for the love between two people to flourish, then gay marriage is inevitable, as it promotes love, contains promiscuity, and greatly cuts down on the rate of abortion in more ways than one.

In addition to the natural deterrent gay marriage plays in lowering the abortion rate, it also has the potential to reduce the rate of abortion even further. Gay married couples, because they cannot conceive on their own, often adopt children, something "pro-lifers" often argue as an alternative to terminating a pregnancy.

So, in my humble opinion, anti-abortionists arguing against gay marriage is, I don't know, anti-evolutionists arguing against the bible.


Anonymous,  14:22  

Except for the fact that they normally hate each other.

Just a heads up.

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