Saturday, October 18, 2008

Caroline the Alaskan Broadcaster Says Palin is Major Disaster and Such an Embarrassment

Who is Caroline the Broadcaster? Well, she is just another "Joe, the Plumber" without the credibility issue. She called into the radio show, On Point: How to Fix the Economy, to comment on the responsibility of all of us, (I totally agree with what she has to say...another reason I'm posting this) but because she lived and worked broadcasting in Alaska for 40 years. host Tom Ashbrook asked her about what she thought of Sarah Palin.

Interpret the following portion of the transcript from that show for what it is, an opinion from someone who sounds as "trustworthy" as anyone can sound from a 2-minute excerpt of conversation.

Caroline: ...great discussion, gentlemen. I want to go back to the discussion about the responsibility of everyone of us. I've been watching all of this since the early 1950s. I remember the one President who asked for sacrifice was Jimmy Carter, and then he got kicked out quickly enough. When peoople are so self-absorbed, when it doesn't hurt them, than they don't care what goes on, they don't care if the blue collar jobs in the textile industry...they care whenever it's their white collar jobs that get exported to very well educated countries like India and so forth, that's when they care. So, until this hurts, and it hurts enough people, we will let it go...we'll have the cheerleaders out there treating us like infantile 2-year olds in the sandbox. We will only care for ourselves.

Tom Ashbrook: Well, it hurts right now, Caroline. Who are you thinking might lead us out this pain?

Caroline from Alaska: I think it will be people who are honest, who will be honest with us, who will go after the people who broke the law (the problem with that is there is no law to break) committed fraud. Now, again fraud is sometimes very hard to prove and if you don't want people punished than you don't put enough regulators and prosecutors in place to do it. It is like a giant pile of spaghetti...trying to find one end that's the cause. It's impossible.

Tom Ashbrook: You're from Alaska. What about your Governor there, Caroline? ...Sarah Palin? What about the cut of her jib on all of this?

Caroline from Alaska: I've lived there for 40-years and I've worked in broadcasting. This person is a major disaster and such an embarrassment to our state.

Tom Ashbrook: Why?

Caroline from Alaska: Take if from there. Do not...Don't even consider her as an expert in...

Tom Ashbrook: Why? She's very popular in Alaska, we read. 80% popularity...that's through the roof.

Caroline from Alaska: That's what's the matter with this nation. If you have enough of a cheering squad and you have enough lobbyists that are buying enough politicians... and they get to write all the rules... and nobody cares until it hits them in the face, then you are going to have people like that riding into prominence. It's marketing. And that's all that we've been driven on for the last 40 to 50 years. We haven't had a major hurt in this country since WWII, and I hate to think that we're going to get to that, but that may be what's necessary before people are going to realize we are all a community. And, the kids who are in schools that are lousy, you better not take an attitude, we need a permanent underclass to fight our wars. You are going to take the attitude, they're geniuses out there...we don't know where they are, we don't know what color or sex they are. We have to give everybody an opportunity and we've not been doing that for a very long time.

Prior to "Caroline the Alaskan Broadcaster", Ed, who identified himself as,"I'm Another Average Working Joe" phoned in to ask about executive accountability. If "Joe" is the average guy, who is the female counterpart?


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