Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Imagine U.S. Without Texas.

Warning: This is mostly a "rant". If you're easily offended or love the state of Texas, DON'T READ the following.

* A fourth-grade teacher from Texas, asked her students to imagine themselves as AIG employees. She asked them to imagine a situation where they had not directly involved in the deals that ruined the company, but were left to clean up the mess. She asked them to imagine having to pay back money they felt they had earned. She asked them to imagine themselves and their families receiving death threats.

One boy raised his hand and asked if they could write notes to tell them it's going to be okay.

The teacher said they could and the class wrote sympathy notes to all the top executives.

According to employee Patrick O'Neil, who responded on behalf of AIG, this act of kindness made the executives break down and cry.

"There were more than a few moist eyes and tight throats. To have reached out to us in such a heartfelt way is really a testament to your individual and collective humanity."
In addition, Gerry Pasciucco, the current leader of AIG-FP, also wrote to say that the "gesture had deeply touched his battered staff."

It's clear that this group of elites who participated in causing the collapse of our financial markets are only concerned about one thing, themselves. This act only convinced them further that they are the ones to be pitied.

Imagine if this teacher, had, instead, explained how the behavior of this company, not only contributed to leaving tax payers with an enormous debt, that they will have to pay, but that billions of people around the world are suffering, and will continue suffering as the ripple effects of this crisis continue to billow outward.

It is estimated that ten million additional people will die of starvation around the world because of this crisis. That doesn't account for the numerous people who will descend into a deeper poverty. What about their sympathy notes?

And what happened to Texas' - the death penalty capital of the country - hard line ultra punitive politics that drive its tougher than tough system of law and order? Obviously, this "off with their heads" mentality only applies to the little people...the people who can't defend themselves. These people, the recipients of this outpouring of compassion can more than defend themselves, so they're above the law, in the eyes of Texas, anyway.

It's too bad Texas is so big, because without this "magnificent" state, our nation's map would resemble the bottom-toothless smile of the Calgary Flames's power forward, Todd Bertuzzi and we can't have that. So, despite its severe flaws, we can't let Texas secede.

Anyway, how could this country go on without the Dallas Cowboys? As much as I "loathe" Texas, I love the Dallas Cowboys.

* Although, my feelings about Texas (although I hear Austin, TX is a pretty cool place) and this situation are real, I do realize this teacher's actions do not represent the state of Texas, and that maybe's she's right...when children show compassion...it's important to take advantage of that opportunity. I just wish she had provided more options.


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