Thursday, August 05, 2010

Scaring White People for Fun and Profit

Rachel Maddow claims  the right-winged "professional hysteria mongers," in what she calls "anti-immigrant-scare-white-people-politics" that scares "white people for fun and profit", is not only politically expedient, it’s also increasingly easy to do."

Tea Party Nation created a new online forum where they are asking tea partiers to post stories about undocumented immigrants. In an email sent to supporters, they say:

“If [sic] have been the victim of a crime by an illegal, or if your business has gone under because your competition uses illegals, or if you have lost your job to illegals, we want to know about it… We need to get the true story out about illegal immigration and we need your help to do it.”
In addition they included, "if anyone sees undocumented immigrants acting out, like burning an American flag or hanging a Mexican flag above an American one, they also would like photos, but “acts of decency by people without papers are disqualified from this forum,” Maddow says.


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