Friday, November 19, 2010

Fed Up! Fight to Save America From Texas.

More specifically, Rick Perry, a man who clearly stands for injustice, as he not only proudly took the "Texecutioner" title away from George Bush, with 225 executions under his belt; in addition,  did everything he could to cover up evidence that would clear an innocent man, and save him from state sanctioned execution. Yet, this man, on top of winning a third term, fully expects to lead GOP governors group.

“Texans elect folks like me. The kind of guy who goes jogging in the morning, packing a Ruger .380 with laser sights and loaded with hollow-point bullets and shoots a coyote that is threatening his daughter’s dog.”
And the sad part is he's right, they do. He is now entering his tenth year as governor. He will soon be the longest-serving chief executive in Texas history.

I didn't think Texas could get any dumber, but apparently, dumbing down Texas was/is Rick Perry's strategy for staying in office forever. What else could explain his reelection for a third term, with a state budget deficit of $25 billion? Not to mention the highest uninsured rate in the nation with plans to increase that rate as lawmakers in Texas plan to use the  $25 billion shortfall in the state budget over the next two years to impose sweeping cuts to social services, including a massive cut to public schools and universities.  Yes, to make Texans even dumber!

Rich Perry and conservative Texan lawmakers want to ditch Medicaid due to its expansion under The Affordable Care Act, which will expand the program rapidly by subsidizing insurance for all Americans up to 133 percent of the poverty line. Yes, to make Texans even less insured!

Why is Texas bad for America?
“You prioritize what is important to the people in the state and then you reduce spending without raising taxes.” - Rick Perry
As Robert Perkinson, author of Texas Tough, said "Texas is America's new bellweather state...ground zero of the prison boom." The state's ideology has become the template for today's America, and its priorities, America's priorities.
In a sign of how far the far right has regained its confidence since its thrashing in 2008, in April, TX State board of education voted to radically overhaul their social studies curriculum that influences textbook purchases nationwide. Out went Thomas Jefferson, whose deism questioned the piety of the founders; in came Jefferson Davis who fought for state's rights. Less noticed was the elimination of justice from the list of virtues Texas school children have to master, as well as the phrase, responsibility for the common good. Launching the latest salvo in the nation's ceaseless culture war, but also brought the curriculum in line with the state's unequal social order. With its laissez faire corporate climate and anemic social services Texas simultaneously leads the nation in carbon emissions and children without health insurance.

Texas is wide open for business as the governor's economic development office proclaims but it's always had an uneasy relationship with lady justice. This is clearest of all in its criminal justice system which historically has always privileged ferocity over fairness...revenge over rehabilitation. -- Robert Perkinson
We, the People need to wake up to the thugs that have infiltrated our state and federal government. We need to stop voting them into office. However, there is no excuse for the Texans who voted Rick Perry into office for a third term...they are no better than he is. Having said that, I realize there are many good and decent Texans who should not be lumped in with the Texans so eager to follow psychopathic leaders.


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