Saturday, November 20, 2010

In Check or Checkmate?

While obviously, there are worse atrocities then the TSA's invasive molesting procedures, it sticks out as one of the more blatant abuses of constitutional liberty, as it stands in direct violation of the fourth amendment: protection against unreasonable searches and seizure!

So, where is the outrage? Since when is it okay to violate someone's privacy and dignity in such an egregious manner? Since when is it okay for complete strangers to place their hands on you or your child's most intimate parts?

And why does the TSA have so much authority? Consider the man who tried to leave the airport after refusing a screening and pat-down. You know, the guy, who stated, "Don't touch my junk".  They threatened him with a lawsuit if he didn't submit.  Why couldn't he leave the airport? He wasn't trying to board a plane.

When in doubt, follow the money.

And when you follow the money, start with the Republicans.  What are they doing, saying, suggesting?  Well, they're pushing privatization, as usual. We all know profits are much more important than safety.

It just may be that this TSA horror show is meant to, once again, show Americans just how bad government is, in order to get Americans to accept privatization. Or the TSA "horror show" might serve to get us to accept something new, that will seem benign in comparison.   Maybe, new technology that authenticates identity via iris recognition (bio-metric screening).  Either way, the motive is power and/or profit, and more than likely, both.  Rest assured it has nothing to do with protecting American citizens from the big bad terrorist.

Is the game over? Is the last piece in place...have we been checkmated? Or is still possible to capture the queen? Or, do we wipe them off the board completely, level it, and devise our own rules?


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