Thursday, January 06, 2011

WikiLeaks: Intelligence Agency of the People? Or Agency of the Powerful?

Update: Did the CIA use Sweden to launder the transfer of carefully screened and redacted State Department cables to WikiLeaks...and the subsequent release of the cables to pre-selected corporate news media entities?

Did you ever wonder why so many things that clearly happened, never happened, even while they were happening? And, other things, that appear to be happening, make little to absolutely no sense at all? Or, why does it appear that governments and mainstream media seem to believe that we the people are too stupid to notice what’s really going if we swallow what we're told with the "stupidity of an animal".

Well, as far as the mainstream media goes,  we can thank  The Telecommunications Act of 1996, the most important step toward allowing media consolidation. Fifteen years later, the mass media - television networks, newspapers, cable channels, movie studios, magazines, and even many websites - is under the control of only a handful of  huge corporations, and no doubt, mainstream media was made to conform to the agenda of these mega-corporations.  Now, as far as mindlessly swallowing what we're told, let's just say it serves us well to be skeptical of everything we see, hear and read. And, fortunately, for us, information and knowledge is at our fingertips, leveling the playing field, somewhat.

However, as useful as the Internet is to we the people, it has created a monumental problem for those in power (wealthiest one-tenth of one percent). Why? It severely limits their ability to control the one thing absolutely necessary to stay in power, and control the money supply, in a top-down society: information and knowledge.

Which raises the question of whether the WikiLeaks "cat and mouse" game playing out before our very eyes... that  just so happens to center on the so-called "problem" the Internet poses to national security, is a real "wikipedia for whistle-blowers" or something else, entirely.  While it certainly appears that WikiLeaks is operating in the interest of the people,  appearances can be, and often are very deceiving.

Having said that, there are rumors that surround WikiLeaks; from accusing Israeli security of using WikiLeaks to create  a  'false flag' operation aimed at furthering the US/Israeli agenda to demonize and eventually attack Iran to WikiLeaks serving as a CIA conduit.  Or maybe WikiLeaks will provide the perfect excuse to clamp down on the biggest threat to our current power structure: the Internet.

As Tom Ashbrook (On Point) said, regarding our government's concern over WikiLeaks,  "they're talking about going back to laws from nineteen-teen in this country..." Moreover,  Jack Beatty, on the same program, said that the WikiLeaks "revelations" are essentially "making apparent what we already know".   In other words, if it turns out they use the WikiLeaks "revelations" that might be noteworthy, but certainly not earth shattering, as an excuse to curtail the flow of information and curb our access to the Internet,  WikiLeaks may not be an agency of the people at all.


Anonymous,  02:26  

WikiLeaks/Julian Assange is too high profile for it to be believable. You can be sure that if Assange was a real threat to national security OR to the bunch of thugs who run this country /world, Assange would be dead and this whole issue would be suppressed. This is not the way our government takes care of serious business...not at all.

Roth's stepchild 00:20  

I agree. The mainstream media has become a tool of the powerful rather than what they're supposed to be: a watchdog. If Julian Assange presented a real threat to national security or better yet, elite interest, he would not receive all the press he's getting and certainly would not be the celebrity he's become.

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