Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sen. Scott Brown Reveals Childhood Trauma Prepared Him For Politics.

"When I'm getting the crap beat out of me outside, in the political spectrum, I'm like, 'Psst. This is nothing. Bring it on. Let's go. Next!" - Sen. Scott Brown


Anonymous,  00:27  

Don't buy it for a second. I KNOW for a fact that this is just the beginning of a very insidious GOP/corporate agenda to demonize gay people because Americans are getting "too comfortable with homosexuality".

I don't know whether Scott Brown was sexually abused by this random camp counselor or not (personally, I do not believe he was), but he's not coming forth with this information for cathartic reasons.

I wish I could say how I know, but I can't because someone I know well could get hurt. But I can say that this someone is very close to a very well-connected big shot in the corporate world who is also a key player in the GOP.

Mrs Patrick Campbell,  05:57  

This is hysterical.

Why has nobody blown the whistle on this obvious homosexual!

(Also, are there any 100% nude photos of obvious and hot homosexual Scott Brown?!)

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