Thursday, March 10, 2011

James Bond on Crack?

I've always envisioned God as a Louie B. Mayer type, the world, His MGM studios. Only in God's studio, the "stars" have the freedom to improvise. There are no scripts...or at least, the stars are unaware, if they should exist.

Anyway, once upon a time, billions of years ago, God was feeling lonely and bored so he created the world and populated it with all sorts of organisms, from simple to the most complex. These multifaceted organisms entertained him for a while; however, something was emotional richness, a certain kind of creative intelligence...a paradoxical complexity that these creations seemed to lack. Not to say He didn't love these things, He most certainly did, but they were a little too predictable...too sensible.

Then, while perched upon a a celestial body of hot gases, it came to Him.

"I'll create a form of life in my own image. I will etch each one with my signature, and give this being a mind and the full spectrum of emotions all his or her own. This entity will be conscious of its own existence, conscious of its own mortality, and unlike anything I've ever created, this being will have the ability to transcend its instincts, if he so chooses, either to ascend to a higher plane of existence, or descend to lower planes.

This will most assuredly produce a great mix of irony, drama, tragedy,  and unfortunately, sometimes, horror. But the saving grace in this mix will be joy, the triumph of this creation's spirit, and of course, comedy, albeit, sometimes very dark comedy."

Well, it worked.  Today, His "studio" makes MGM look like preschool Barbie Doll productions.  Between the greedy power-grabbing control-freak elitist psychopathic thugs at the top - who create and/or support $700 billion government bailout programs for their friends, the banksters,  crazy-assed puppet dictators around the globe, Federal Reserve trillion dollar giveaways to globalist billionaires, Department of Defense trillion dollar shortages, underwear bombers, shoe bombers - and the sheeple people at the bottom (the middle is fading fast), too enthralled by the lives of freaky celebrities to pay attention, the show would be hilarious, if not so tragic.

What's the latest in this everlasting episode of "James Bond on Crack?" 

“Precious Treasure Holiday Company” What's this? You guessed it. An undercover porn site hosted by Homeland Security. I mean, what else could it be, right?
In an aggressive bid to entice prospective “sex tourists,” the Department of Homeland Security last year launched an undercover web site that purported to arrange trips from the U.S. to Canada, where clients could engage in sexual activity with minors, The Smoking Gun has learned.
What is it they say about cockroaches? For every one you see, there are thousands.

Then, we have Nano-Hummingbird, , the bird-drone with a $4 million price tag that can fly forward, backward, sideways, and it can even hover in mid-air.
The next time you enjoy the sight of a hummingbird in a garden, you might want to look twice–because it could be the government’s new avian-inspired drone. Dubbed “Nano Hummingbird,” this camera-toting, remote-controlled surveillance tool is the latest gadget to fly out the doors of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency).

And, let's not forget "Big Brother" drone who can see inside houses.
It seems that there's just no escape from 'Big Brother' seeing into our lives.

Now police in Miami, Florida, have unveiled their latest crime-fighting tool that is literally an 'eye in the sky'.
Oh, and no need to worry about TARP funds, the TARP police are on the job. That is, after they get upgrades to their fleet of police cars.
Huh? You mean the mild-mannered auditors who mind the taxpayer money in the $700-plus billion TARP program? What do they need police car upgrades for?

It may come as a surprise to people in the financial industry — it certainly did to me — but TARP's inspector general (SIGTARP) is not just a financial watchdog. Under its outgoing leader, Neil Barofsky, it has quietly built itself into a full-fledged financial law enforcement agency.
Yes, just what we need, another law enforcement outfit to run amok.

Which brings us to Project Gunrunner. The ATF operation that allowed thousands of weapons to be purchased by gun smugglers in the US, taken to Mexico, and you guessed it...sold to drug-cartel thugs. Not all of ATF agents approved, however.  They begged their superiors to shut this operation down, but were blatantly ignored.

Well, of course, the United States was, and probably still is a major arming source of the Mexican drug cartel. If the US wanted to end the slaughter right across the border, it would've been stopped long ago.  But, like it or not, we, the people depend on the "war on drugs" industry to fuel our economy.

Not to mention, the drug kingpin of kingpins is none other than the  Department of Justice. But that's a story for another day.

BTW, where was the mainstream media on this?  Senator Charles Grassley sent letters to the ATF as early as Jan. 27.

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DOJ? Drug kingpin? Please explain.

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