Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Slave Labor and Martial Law: The New Normal?

Companies, now, more than ever before, are hiring for probationary periods that can last months or even an entire year without pay, according to Fortune Magazine.  The worst part? There is intense competition for some of these unpaid positions! 

"One editor and two cameramen ended up quitting before the end of the trek due to rough conditions and 16-hour workdays. In retrospect, Lovejoy says, "I would screen a little bit better and make sure they understood that this wasn't a vacation."

What? "Rough conditions" and "16-hour workdays"...unpaid!   At least slave-owners provided food and shelter for their slaves.

Why do we make it so easy for the jackasses at the top of our power structure?   In fact, we make it so easy for our overlords that I bet if Homeland Security installed video screens with a recording of Janet Napolitano, shouting Save the planet...Kill Yourself! in all the Wal-Marts across the nation,  half the population would head for  pillow section and smother themselves.  Because, the underlying message here is: die. 

The Michigan Monarchy Legislates Financial Martial Law
The new law, described by one of the GOP legislators sponsoring the bill as “financial martial law”, empowers the governor’s appointees (referred to as ‘Emergency Financial Managers’ but more aptly termed viceroys appointed by the king) allows the EFR to fire duly elected local officials, cancel labor contracts and even dissolve entire communities and school districts.


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