Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Libyan Rebels Super-Heros?

They must be.  This "ragtag bunch of rebels," enveloped in obscurity, have already established a new national oil company and a new central bank of Libya! They are truly magical.  So, why on earth do they need our help?

Well, could it be that the previous Central Bank of Libya (CBL), was 100% state owned? One of only a very few state-owned central banks in the entire world that owns and issues its own money. This means the international bankers  actually had to go through the state-owned bank, and its national currency. How humiliating to be stripped of your power like that!!

Then, of course, there is Libya's vast reservoirs of water, and their top-quality crude...in fact, so top quality, that it takes three barrels of Saudi Arabian crude to equal one barrel of Libyan crude.

So, these super-hero rebels are not super-heros at all. They more than likely work for the super parasitic predator class, and the latest invasion is simply one more take down in order to substitute a neo-liberal capitalist ruling class that will transfer everything over to multi-nationals.


Libyan Rebels Forced to Retreat as Nations Seek Qaddafi’s Fall


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