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Libya's Great Man-Made River Project

Did you know about Libya's Great Man-Made River Project or "eigth wonder of the world"?

Well, unbeknownst to me, Libya has enough water to hydrate farms and people throughout the entire desert  north of Africa and most of the Middle East for the next 500 years and beyond. Not only that, they've developed a way to distribute that water in the largest water project ever undertaken, by constructing a huge network of pipelines to transport the "fossil water" - found underneath the desert - to the coastal cities, where most Libyans live.

It all began back in the 1960s, during oil exploration deep in the southern Libyan desert, when vast reservoirs of high quality water was discovered in the form of four aquifers. Under the guidance of Qadhafi, a series of scientific studies were conducted to see how to bring this water to the people, and in October of 1983, the Great Man-made River Authority was created and "invested with the responsibility of taking water from the aquifers in the south, and conveying it by the most economical and practical means for use, predominantly for irrigation, in the Libyan coastal belt".
"The Great Man-Made River, as the largest water transport project ever undertaken, has been described as the "eighth wonder of the world". It carries more than five million cubic metres of water per day across the desert to coastal areas, vastly increasing the amount of arable land. The total cost of the huge project is expected to exceed $25 billion (US).
The goal of the Libyan Arab people, embodied in the Great Man-Made River project, is to make Libya a source of agricultural abundance, capable of producing adequate food and water to supply its own needs and to share with neighboring countries. In short, the River is literally Libya's 'meal ticket' to self-sufficiency.
And, guess what? They didn't borrow one cent from International banks.
The river is a new lesson and an example in the struggle to achieve self-sufficiency, food security and true independence. No nation that depends on a foreign country to feed its people can be free. The Great River is a triumph against thirst and hunger. It is a defeat against ignorance and backwardness. It reflects the determination of Libyans to resist colonial pressure, to acquire technology, to develop, to improve their lives, and to control their own destiny in accordance with their own free will." -- Ali Baghdadi
So, now, the "humanitarian" thing to do is invade, destroy and wipe out, not only the people, but the "eighth wonder of the world"? Oh, wait, that's right, the term, humanitarian, in doublespeak, is defined as mean, inhumane, malevolent, uncharitable, unkind, unsympathetic. That makes a lot more sense.


Anonymous,  12:46  

Libya, out of most of the countries in Africa, seemed to have the highest quality of life. This project proves that Libya's oil wealth was used for the people, so, it's really hard to believe that they would revolt...they had a lot to lose.

Why would a megalomaniac like Quadafi risk his precious "eighth wonder of the world" by bringing this down on his country? He wouldn't. Over the last two decades, Quadafi's tried to restore his "image", and this project is part of that mission.

Hell, if anything, Libya was better off than 95% of the world, considering they were self sufficient...maybe, a little too self sufficient for the global powers.

et~tubrute,  14:07  

You're right 12:46. Libya did become too self-sufficient for its own good.

Our economic system was created by hierarchies and family dynasties who used the money and taxation to create armies, which they sent off to war on people who were truly independent of their system or any system.

They would conquer these people and force the system on them, and then tax them back after introducing their currency, whatever that was at the time.

They then obtained the best thinkers to do nothing but sit and discuss and think (our modern day think-tank). These thinkers became philosophers and advisers to royalty or political leaders.

Maintaining a dominant minority in power generation after generation is the key idea here. The PTB were/are behind the panics set off prior to wars in order to get the populace behind them in preparation for the wars, so the public would demand they'd actually go to war. Less work for them.

According to Carroll Quigley (Clinton's mentor)- official historian for the CFR, which is just the American branch of The Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA) - in his book, "Tragedy & Hope" described how the power elite work and that the people who run governments do what they're told. Anything to terrify the public to get them to the breaking stage.

The purpose of the RIIA was/is to takeover the world and its resources (minerals, oil, diamonds, gold...etc). Divided up into sub-branches, they would deal with pushing social agendas worldwide, always keeping in mind, the culture, but ultimately to bring them to the same point at the same time.

Carroll Quigley in his books "The Anglo American Establishment" and "Tragedy & Hope" said "the new system we're bringing in is a feudal system. A new feudal system where the CEOs of huge international corporations will be the new overlords and they will intermesh with the politicians who will dictate to the people."

The Middle East is the "thorn in their side".

Alessio 16:18  

Forgive me, english is my second language, but there is team of Russian Doctors in Libya from 2 - 20 years who give eyewitness account of happening on the ground in Libya. It contradict the mainstream media say.

It confirm the coaltions routine bombing civilians. That is why Canada military turn around and abandon their mission in article you link. The target involve a hospital.

NATO destroy Libya because the country lives too good and not listen to global world leaders.

Roth's stepchild 14:23  

To 12:46, Yep, I agree. Although, it's really hard to determine what's actually going on. The more technologically advanced society gets, the more cloudy the picture. I just know one thing for sure...this ain't no humanitarian mission.

To et~tubrute, I wish more people would read Tragedy & Hope. People are so conditioned into believing the illusion they've been sold since day one that unless they're as obsessed as I am, and/or have the time to research these issues, it's very hard to see through the bullshit.

To Alessio: Heh...don't apologize. I can only speak ONE language. Thank you for the information!

Anonymous,  23:48  

"so, it's really hard to believe that they would revolt...they had a lot to lose."

Exactly my thoughts, Libya was no Stalinesque dictatorship, the people were free. This whole Middle Eastern revolutions were started by CIA, MI6, Mossad and Islamic jihadist stooges. As you have written previously this is all about seizing Libya for the oil, water supply, gas and Libya is a stepping stone into Egypt and the Suez Canal.

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