Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Widespread Radioactive Fallout Downwind.

According to the Institute for Science and International Security, the situation in Japan has considerably worsened. Japan was hit by a 5.7-magnitude aftershock and a second fire at the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant as at least three of the four reactors are in a meltdown process. Japan has reported that radiation is being released directly into the air. At this time, it is reported that there is very little chance of ratiation reaching the United States.  However, it's also reported that Tokyo Electric and the Japanese government are under-stating or withholding information, both regarding the situation at the nuclear plant as well as radiological readings.

The amount of destruction, death, and suffering in Japan from the earthquake, tsunami and radioactive fallout is beyond comprehension. Here's the thing: Japan is probably the best prepared for this type of disaster. And even here, safety took a backseat to profits. So, will this be a wake-up call to the rest of us? Of course, earthquakes and tsunamis are beyond our control (unless they aren't, eco-terrorism may be alive and well). However, the safety of nuclear reactors is. But, our current paradigm of never ending growth and ever increasing consumption requires ever increasing amounts of energy and which, encourages profit over people.

Anyway, unfortunately, as much as, I'm sure, we would all like to alleviate the suffering of the Japanese, most of us, other than donating money or time, can do little to help. Nevertheless, we do have the power to manage as individuals or groups within our local sphere to possibly alleviate the potential suffering of ourselves and others.

Below is snapshot of the map that depicts environmental radiation levels across the USA, updated in real time every minute at Radiation Network. . You can see where all of the nuclear reactors are located.

So, what's that old boyscouot motto, again?  Ah yes, "Be prepared".

Well, maybe it might be a good idea to have some inkling of what to do should we experience  radioactive fallout, especially considering that both sides of the American political spectrum are controlled by corporate interests with mandates to increase profits at the total expense of humanity. And thanks to Citizens United, our fully corporate owned election process.

 What to Do If a Nuclear Disaster is Imminent might be a good place to start...just in case.


The Japanese are angered by the lack of Nuclear plant information.

Aftershocks, Fires Keep Japan on Edge; Snow Covers Disaster Area
In Fukushima city, capital of the prefecture where Tokyo Electric Power Co. workers are battling to contain fires and radiation leaks at nuclear reactors, about 200 people lined up at the Co-op supermarket to buy provisions. The queue at a local gasoline station stretched for more than a kilometer, there was no running water and portable toilets were overflowing.
DEFCON Warning System

IAEA Update on Japan Earthquake

Satellite Image Shows Damage to Reactor Buildings at Fukushima Daiichi Complex After Explosions


Anonymous,  20:54  

This is so scary! I'm scared the same thing will happen here. If the grid gets knocked out by something like solar flares, that's all she wrote as far as the nuclear reactors go.

Thanks for this information. It was interesting.

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