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Big Brother Trains Local Law Enforcement to Target Law Abiding Citizens.

Within the last few years, more than  70 fusion centers - intelligence enterprise operations responsible for conducting surveillence on suspicious people - have sprung up across the United States.

According to Police Chief Magazine:

In November 2009, after a six-month review, the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Homeland Security Committee said fusion centers should do the following:

•Act as principal intelligence enterprise nodes to connect state and local law enforcement, homeland security, and public safety entities to each other and the federal government

•Harness and apply the collective knowledge of their constituents to address issues related to threat and risk

•Assume the leading role in information-sharing initiatives related to law enforcement, homeland security, and public safety issues
The Police Chief article points out, "the concept [fusion centers] has changed considerably from the original vision." In, and of itself, that is not surprising, as many, if not all, organizations gradually evolve somewhat from the original vision.  However, it's especially concerning in this case, given the exponential growth in technology; the rise of Orwellian doublespeak (analogous to George Orwell's doublethink and Newspeak) by the establishment; the bailing out of banks instead of homeowners; the fact that our nation comprises 5% of the world's population and 25% of the world's prison population, and, overall,  the consolidation of power and wealth in fewer and fewer hands at the dawn of the 21st century.

One man, James Wesley, Rawles, in law enforcement for 18-years, compiled a list of things being taught on how to detect domestic terrorists based on the DHS training he has attended:
  1. Expressions of libertarian philosophies, statements, and bumperstickers.
  2. 2nd amendment oriented view: gunship club membership, holding CCW permit (concealed carry weapon)
  3. Survivalist literature and fictional books such as "The Patriot" and "One Second After". 
  4. Self sufficiency: stockpiling food, medical supplies, ammo, hand tools, etc.
  5. Fear of economic collapse. Buying gold or bartering items,
  6. Religious views regarding the Book of Revelation.
  7. Involved in home schooling.
  8. Express fears of Big Brother or big government.
  9. Declarations of Constitutional rights and civil liberties
  10. Belief in a New World Order conspiracy
Now, based on that list, former President George W. Bush, and over half the Republican party should be rounded up. As for myself, I'm only "guilty" of #4, #8 (Big Brother...who isn't?), #9, and possibly # 1; nevertheless, even if that list only identified people I detest, "W", I can see where this is leading. It's not so important as to who they are targeting - because that could change in an instant - but that they are targeting law-abiding American citizens at all.

Consider the following statement by this ordinary citizens, with a more or less, insiders view.  (There is no way to verify the veracity of the following statement; however, if manufactured out of thin air, he should work for "Big Brother", given his level of creativity).
I just attended the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference in Denver and took a class hosted by the FBI and Colorado State Patrol about Domestic Terrorism. The FBI's JTTF is urging local law enforcement to have their local fire departments and ambulance districts help to violate illegal search and seizure
The Director of the Joint Task Force was one of the speakers and urged that because we are not able as police officers to search every house due to the 4th amendment. He said that the fire and ambulance guys are in a unique position to enter houses without any criminal probable cause and we shoud urge them to check through houses that they enter for anything suspicious and report it back to local law enforcement or the FBI. The things sounded like they could include anything from guns to right or left wing books, posters, or speech.
This is one of the most disgusting violations of Constitutional rights I have ever witnessed. According to the CSP their are several Colorado agencies already on board and who knows how many more nationwide. This is direct from the mouth of the FBI and is not an internet rumor. Please share this with everyone.


Anonymous,  18:52  

I'm about as liberal as you can get, and I am a Democrat, but when I talk to my friends about these issues, they don't want to hear it. They automatically shun the evidence because it goes against their beloved President Obama.

They got us where we're so polarized and fractured that it's impossibe to unite against the corporate forces that are increasingly controlling our lives. We're so indoctrinated into our affiliation "groups" such as Democrat or Republican; gay or straight; black or white; Christian or Athiest; Arab or Jew; that it's almost impossible to get people to put aside their bias and look at the reality of what's going on.

Instead, people look at WHO is delivering the message, and if that person/organization is not affiliated with their them, they automatically disregard what's being said, no matter how OBVIOUS the content of the message is.

The only way we will defeat the corpocracy that has taken over is by uniting against them, and until people get that, things will only continue to get worse.

Kat 21:58  

I really like what you have to say. You understand that humanity is under attack at many levels, and that banking and political oligarchs require resistance on a global scale.

We are faced with toxic food, illegitimate taxes to pay fraudulent debt to criminal bankers, high unemployment and man made environmental catastrophes. To stop this, we, as a race need to come together to defeat this very real threat. We are at a crossroads and need to decide, tyranny or freedom. Please join us in this strike because, I believe together as one people, of one planet, we can defeat the oligarchs.

Thank you for trying to get the word out! I hope you'll join us.

Roth's stepchild 14:11  

To 18:52, welcome to my world, except, I have more problems with the Republican Fox News watchers who don't believe anything unless they see it on Fox. But, I know exactly what you mean about party-line Democrats. I've had issues there as well. And I totally agree with you on the intentional pitting one against the other...that techniques is as old as mud.

To 21:58, Thanks for the information. I will definitely check it out.

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