Thursday, April 28, 2011

What is it About Florida and Texas?

Let's face it, even by contemporary US standards, both Florida and Texas have a ruthless and callous record on human rights issues. To start with, both states lead the nation, in numbers of people on death row; in numbers of people executed, and in numbers of innocent people, wrongly convicted. Add to that list: abuse of power by TSA agents, and Taser happy police.

Could it be the influence of the Bush Brothers? After all, the Bush family is notoriously known for its historic abuse of power. However, Texas and Florida were not exactly panaceas for humanitarians before the Bush brothers assumed leadership.

Anyway, once again, the state of Florida provides a shining example for all. Meg McClain spoke out about TSA abuse and "random" selection and the almighty TSA agents from Hell called in twelve police officers, and seven TSA agents; handcuffed her to a chair; gave her a 30-minute lecture on terrorism, and ripped up her plane ticket! Then, this poor girl, who couldn't even put on her shoes, was escorted out of the airport by 19 thugs security officials.

Harmless 18-year old man Tased for jogging naked. 


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