Friday, May 06, 2011

From Flower Power and Peace to Ruthless and Callous.

Recently, I came across a documentary that was created by "High Society" from At first, I dismissed it as I figured it was probably made in the haze of a pot-induced high; however, I found I was wrong.

George H.W. Bush told the senators looking into whether he should be head of the CIA in 1975:

"This agency must stay in the foreign intelligence business and not harass American citizens like in Operation Chaos."

What is Operation Chaos?

A joint CIA/FBI counterintelligence program against political dissidents and "restless youth" that was designed to discredit "the sixties" and all it stood for. At the end of the sixties, Manson was exposed as a murderer on December 3, 1969; Fred Hampton was killed by the FBI on December 4, 1969 and then on December 6, 1969, the "Woodstock" at Alteman, thoroughly discredited "the hippie movement" as violent, and even deadly. And, none other than George Lucas shot the film, Gimme Shelter".

1973 Nervous Breakdown Watergate, Warhol, and the Birth of Post Sixties America by Andreas Killen

From what I understand Google Video is removing all of their videos, so, if the documentary, Farenheit 420 disappears, I believe you can watch it here.


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