Saturday, May 07, 2011

When Media Makes a Star...They Make You the Sucker.

Why are we so addicted to fame? To celebrity? Why do parents let their kids do anything just to get on TV? Why is the media so addicted to celebrity?  Why are we hard-wired to copy celebrity?  How is celebrity used to control us?

Well, Starsuckers (below) exposes the "shams and deceit involved in creating a pernicious celebrity culture". You will see never-before-seen footage, and undercover reporting that combine to expose the "cult of celebrity", created by our celebrity obsessed media, who work for the "profit-at-all cost" corporations.

Starsuckers reveals:
  • Media's constant reinforcement of the importance of celebrity, and its effect on children
  • The press addiction to celebrity coverage.
  • Celebrity control over the press.
  • The illusion of celebrity endorsed charity.
  • The publicists who swap out truth for pure fiction.
  • Profit, profit, profit.


Anonymous,  13:38  

Max Clifford sued the producers of this documentary and lost. He tried to prevent it from airing.

Anonymous,  21:26  

It's even darker than that doc lets on.

You remember Selena? Yolanda Salvidar was a monarch (programming) put in place to take care of Selena if she didn’t sign with the devil. She didn't, and we all know the rest.

Don McLean's famous song, "The Day the Music Died" is about the plane crash that took the lives of Ritchie Valens and Buddy Holly.

"No angel born in hell
Could break that Satan’s spell

And as the flames climbed high into the night

To light the sacrificial rite

I saw Satan laughing with delight

The day the music died

I met a girl who sang the blues

And I asked her for some happy news

But she just smiled and turned away

I went down to the sacred store

Where I’d heard the music years before

But the man there said the music wouldn’t play

And in the streets the children screamed

The lovers cried, and the poets dreamed

But not a word was spoken

The church bells all were broken

And the three men I admire most

The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

They caught the last train for the coast

The day the music died"

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