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Morgellon's Disease is Not Science Fiction.

Take a closer look at the above to see fibers, plaques, nano-machines and other bizarre relics found in the bodies of Morgellons sufferers.
Okay, the picture above is pretty gross when you consider from what it's composed; nevertheless, it's true.  I've seen it for myself.

Morgellon's Disease is a mystery; it sounds like something out of a sci-fi thriller; however, it's not.  It's very real,  despite the FDA and CDC dragging its feet, and conventional medicine's claims that it may be a in the person's mind. Tens of thousands of people are suffering daily from this mysterious and devastating illness that is systemic, and manifests itself in different ways at different times.

One of my family members has struggled with Morgellon's symptoms of horror for years. Wounds that manifest fibrous material can last for years in one place and then, heal or partially heal, showing up on another part of the body. My family member experiences intense itching, sometimes accompanied by stabbing pain under the skin with lesions all over the feet and legs. Prior to that, the lesions were on the face and neck. What makes this disease such a nightmare is that there is not only no treatment available...there's not even any recognition of its existence. Many sufferers are told they're delusional.

Here's the thing: once Morgellon's breaks through the skin, it's undeniable. As the picture above demonstrates, the non-healing lesions discharge inorganic materials such as: threads, particles, and stuff that the human body is incapable of producing without the assistance of some insidious outside agent. There is a lot of evidence that genetically modified organisms (*Agrobacterium) may be able to explain this extraordinarily abnormal condition, which explains the FDA/CDC reluctance to acknowledge this disease. It is thought that genetically modified material, this bacterium penetrated successfully changed and corrupt human DNA.

* "Tumor-Causing Plant Bacteria May Infect Human Cells"
Emma Patten Reuters Health News January 31, 2001

NEW YORK - A soil bacterium that causes lumpy tumors on plants may be able to 'jump kingdoms' and insert its tumor-causing DNA into human cells, new research findings suggest. The bacterium, called Agrobacterium tumefaciens, contains a small piece of DNA that can insert itself into the DNA of a host cell and initiate a tumor. Agrobacterium is already known to cause plant tumors, but researchers wanted to test whether the bacterium could similarly insert its DNA into human cells.

Dr. Vitaly Citovsky from the State University of New York, Stony Brook, and colleagues found that the plant bacterium was able to attach to human cells and insert its DNA into human cells just as it does with plant cells. Whether Agrobacterium is dangerous to humans is unclear, however. "Here (insertion of DNA into) human cells has been observed in laboratory conditions; whether it may be relevant biologically in nature remains unknown," the researchers note in the current early edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
One implication of this study, said Citovsky, is the potential for genetic flow between bacteria and animals. Another implication is that the basic biochemical and cellular reactions involved in the Agrobacterium-plant cell interaction probably exist in the animal kingdom as well.

SOURCE: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Early Edition
* From The Institute of Science in Society
Until quite recently, the genetic engineering community has assumed that Agrobacterium does not infect animal cells, and certainly would not transfer genes into them. But this has been proved wrong.

A paper published earlier this year reports that T-DNA can be transferred to the chromosomes of human cancer cells [1]. In fact, Agrobacterium attaches to and genetically transforms several types of human cells. The researchers found that in stably transformed HeLa cells, the integration event occurred at the right border of the Ti plasmid's T-DNA, exactly as would happen when it is being transferred into a plant cell genome. This suggests that Agrobacterium transforms human cells by a mechanism similar to that which it uses for transformation of plants cells.

From what I know about

A group of fibers was sent to a forensic scientist at the Tulsa Police Crime Lab in Oklahoma for analysis. After analysis and the cross reference of morgellons fiber with national database of the FBI, the Morgellon's fibers did not match up to any of the known fibers within the database. Other studies suggest that these fibers can withstand temperatures of up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit.

In the video below, Tulsa medical research lab is one of the only places studying Morgellon's; however, considering T. Boone Pickens is involved, whatever they discover, if anything, should not be accepted as the final word.


Anonymous,  18:23  

I have this disease. And, from what I can see on the Internet, it's spreading like wildfire.

Doctors are NO HELP! Lots of people are self-medicating. They have to buy their meds at animal feed stores and such. Supposedly, the dog wormer, Fenbendazole is very effective. It has anti-fungal properties, and is safe. I think it helped me. Also, Graviola, Cinammon, clove tea, Cat's Claw, and other strong anti-fungals like garlic, and MSM.

Up until about 3 months ago, I suffered to the point that I thought about ending it all. However, with the help of what I just mentioned, amongst other things, I'm to the point that I can function without going insane.

Agrot 18:49  

The stuff they are growing in our food crosses into animals and grows plant like structures in humans and animals.

Fungia grow hyphae, (fiber like filaments) and these things branch out all thru the body.

There is currently an unrecognized chapter in medical illnesses, occurring in living human beings, that defies recognition in explaining the diseases' origin and growth, and failing accurately to account for the pathophysiology involved.

It is pertinent, therefore, to alert medical science, based upon facts as uncovered by my research studies (1-5), that plant bacterial spores can exist as a separate entity systemically. Being totally devoid of the presence of their adult origin, they can survive with a degree of viability. Ultimately, they may become embedded within, or nearby, a network of cells, consisting of the reticuloendothelial, squamous, or epithelial group. With an ensuing adequate but compatible circulating flow of blood by the host to the specific tissue site as muscles, bone, or bone marrow, it can thus lead to the various pathophysiological changes and illnesses that currently defy an accountable recognition.

There is no justification for claiming that the promoter in transgenic constructs is as safe as the promoter in the intact viral genome, nor to consider it equivalent to the promoter of proviral sequences in the plant genome.

Sandy 19:01  

Joni Mitchell has this disease.

Read the article I linked. It's so sad. This guy sweats black tar like substance along with all sorts of lesions that won't heal. They say he's going to die.

His mother has Lyme Disease, which they say is closely related.

Anonymous,  19:26  

I have suffered with this for years. Lately the fatigue has TOTALLY overwhelmed me, as well as the terrible pain in my joints and muscles, and my balance is terrible. I've had skin lesions on and off for years that itch to the point that I scratch until I bleed. They can also be quite painful. As the fatigue and pain becomes worse, I can barely function.

I lost my job. My husband left me, and my family and friends want nothing to do with me. They blame me, since I can't get a dianosis. I'm down to the last of my savings and I have no idea what I'm going to do when that runs out. It's hell on earth.

Dr. Abeche 20:33  

Not all doctors dismiss the symptoms of Morgellon's Disease as psychosomatic, and/or misdiagnose Morgellon's as delusional parasitosis. As hard as it is to believe, some of us are able to think outside the box.

At the link, you will find an excellent piece by Dr. James Schaller, MD, on how to reason with Morgellon's cynics.

Anonymous,  20:43  

Joni Mitchell has this disease. It's quite evident in her lyrics:

“Let me spit out my bitterness
Born of grief
and nights without sleep.
and festering flesh
I’ve lost all taste for life
I’m all complaints
Oh, and look who comes to counsel my deep distress
Oh, these pompous physicians
What carelessness!
Breathtaking ignorance adding insult to injury!
They come blaming and shaming
And shattering me
Where is hope while you’re wondering what went wrong?”

Roth's stepchild 16:39  

Thank you for all of your comments. I'm very sorry to hear about those of you who are suffering from this very real disease. I know how bad it can get and the lack of resources that are not available.

@Argot, the ruling class is playing god, and because they've corporatized the media, they get away with it. If the media did its job, none of this would be happening.

@Dr. Abeche, thanks for that link. I'm glad to know that some doctors get it.

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