Monday, May 02, 2011

What Would Debbie Downer Say?

America:  Osama Bin Laden's dead!  President Obama's the man!

Debbie: Until Fox News twists this to make Bush the hero. According to, it's thanks to President Bush because of his “enhanced interrogation techniques” at Guntanamo Bay Prison that Osama is dead.

America:  Well, whatever the story is, it's the first time in a long time that all is right with the world!

Debbie:  Good thing that the millions of  lives lost/destroyed, the trillions of dollars spent, the implementation of "Big Brother" type surveillance/loss of our 4th amendment rights,   unmanned predator drones, piloted by gamers,  the shredding of our Constitution, unemployment, the foreclosure crisis, the bankster's plundering of the economy, is all behind us. Right?

America:  Right! It's a good thing that we water-boarded Khalid Sheikh Mohammed because that's how we got the information that killed Osama.  This is pay-off! It's time to get out the kilts and bagpipes, prepared speeches, glow sticks, and head down to Ground Zero!

Debbie:  I wonder if any of  the sick and fallen 9/11 heroes will be able to make it.  Probably not. The ones who have not yet succumbed to toxic WTC dust are too busy trying to prove they're not terrorists. 

America:  Yeah, too bad for them, but, now that our bad-ass military brought down Osama, those sick and fallen heroes have not suffered in vain. For the first time in a long time, our future looks bright!

Debbie:  The  nuclear hell-storms that al-Qa'ida plans to unleash according to WikiLeaks should make it very bright. The Islamists vow bin Laden death will not mute Jihad call.  I'm sure the Department of Defense, Homeland Security and TSA are getting ready to roll out plans to escalate  the use of torture, fire up more predator drones, ratchet up the surveillance state, and...

America:  Alrighty then, well, it's worries about frost interfering with our celebrations...

Debbie: Mr. Frost interviewed Benazir Bhutto in November of 2007, before she was murdered. She told him, Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh – one of those convicted of kidnapping and killing U.S. journalist Daniel Pearl - murdered Osama Bin Laden.

America: You know what, Debbie? You're really taking a royal crap on our celebration of Osama's death. We, the people completely held our tongue when you showed us pictures of dead Iraqi babies, and we didn't say one word when you went on and on about the NATO strikes that took out a school for disabled children in Libya...

The US government, as Paul Craig Roberts said, has an  "unlimited belief in the gullibility of Americans".


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