Thursday, May 19, 2011

Too Above the Law to Fail.

The phrase "Too big to fail" is hogwash. It was coined in order to instill fear into the public. Why? To avoid backlash when the government claims they must rescue the elitist banks and corporations from the consequences of their criminal behavior.

Do you think pressure and protest from American citizens will change anything? Well, if enough people participate...Hell yeah! And, by enough, you mean? Oh, maybe...100 million people.

Here are some people who are starting the ball rolling.

On behalf of Grass Roots Organizing (GRO) in conjunction with National People's Action (NPA), as many as 900 clergy, homeowners and union members from across Ohio and the Midwest gathered to protest the JPMorgan Chase shareholders meeting at corporate park outside Columbus, Ohio as part of a national campaign called  Showdown in America

And in Colorado, a group of people targeted Bank of America.

Stapel bought her home in Johnstown about six years ago while she had a good job at Colorado State University.

Since then, she said, she was struck with a disability, is no longer able to work and is burning through her savings and an inheritance to pay her loan.

She has tried to get her loan modified but says Bank of America has given her the runaround and claims never to have received documentation that she said she has proof she sent.

“I want to pay them back,” she said, and just needs help.

And up until a protest in the rain Wednesday, she says the company did not respond to her requests.


Foreclosing on Ohio


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