Wednesday, June 22, 2011

U.S May Conduct Anthrax Vaccine Research and Testing on Children

In North Carolina , today, victims of the state’s 45 year-long eugenics program, extending from 1929 to 1974, that forcibly sterilizied women, men and children, are testifying before a state task force considering possible compensation.

At least 31 states sterilized people in this program that was billed as a way to cut down on poverty and other perceived social ills. This is all part of a-well documented, "shameful chapter of American history known as the Eugenics Movement." Their purpose: To "improve" the genetic make-up of the population, by sterilizing people "characterized as a drain on society".

Fast forward to July 7, 2011 and the Anthrax working group of the National Biodefense Science Board will convene to discuss what federal regulations will be required by the federal government to test the potentially lethal anthrax vaccine on children.

That's right.  If the federal government gets its way, despite adverse event reports related to the vaccine among adult test subjects that have included hospitalization, disability and even death, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is exploring the possibility of testing the vaccine on children.

Of course, the potential testing of this lethal vaccine is "rationalized" as a protection mechanism that will be helpful in the neverending black hole, called the "war on terror.  Totally ignored are the the vaccine's dangers, and, moreover, it "raises the specter of class- and/or race-based selection of medical test subjects which has haunted US health agencies for over a century."  The parents of these children will not be told the whole truth of what their children may expericnce.

If approved, you can be sure the children  chosen as "guinea pigs"  will come from the most vulnerable and poorest segment of society.  You see, in order to keep our pathological system working, it's essential that to maintain a certain percentage of the population in poverty. That segment is growing at a rapid rate which demonstrates just how valuable poor people are to the powers that be.

40-year long Tuskegee experiments in which the US Public Health Service withheld syphilis treatment from infected black men to measure the effects of the disease.

In October of 2010, President Obama apologized to Guatemala for tests during the 1940s when the US Public Health Service used prostitutes deliberately infect 700 prisoners, soldiers and patients with emotional and mental problems with syphilis both through visits with prostitutes and pouring bacteria for the disease onto skin abrasions on the subjects' bodies.

Vaccine testing has its own special place in the annals of this kind of integrity-free medical research. In the early 1960s, mentally disabled children at a residential state school in New York were deliberately infected with viral hepatitis so that they could be test subjects for the disease.

A 1978 CDC test for a hepatitis B vaccine which sought "promiscuous homosexual male" volunteers has some interesting connections to both HIV and the previously rare opportunistic diseases associated with the AIDS virus. As recently as 1990, the CDC and Kaiser Pharmaceuticals gave 1,500 black and Hispanic 6-month old infants an unlicensed measles vaccine without the approval and consent of their parents.


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