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Are We Facing the Most Epic Man-Made Disaster in the History of the United States?

Update: FEMA states citizens must have bought flood insurance by May 2, in order to be covered.

"A federal official says people who bought flood insurance at the last minute after learning of plans to release record amounts of water through the Missouri River reservoir system will not have coverage for damage caused by the rising water. Barb Fitzpatrick of the Federal Emergency Management Agency says June 1 is the official start of the flood in the Dakotas because that's when the Garrison Dam began to release more water. Fitzpatrick says flood insurance underwritten by the federal government does not take effect until 30 days after it's purchased, so no policies bought after May 2 will cover damage from the high water that's expected to last for a month or two. That's the case even if the damage happens 30 days or more after the official start."

Update #2: : A levee failed three miles north of Brownville, NE. Evacuations ordered due to flash flooding.

A home broke apart as it was engulfed by Missouri River floodwaters
 Four of the nation's ten largest reserviors are along the Missouri River, and no one is sure if the six damns - Fort Peck, Fort Randall, Oahe, Garrison, Gavin's Point, Big Ben - built approximately 60-70 years ago, will hold up under the duress of the continuously swelling river.

“Missouri River water will remain dangerously high for the foreseeable future,” said Col. Anthony Hoffman of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Kansas City office.

The Army Corp of Engineers has released water from all six dams,  in what they claim is an effort to relieve the pressure, and this is resulting in the flooding of the Missouri river to what can only be called: Biblical proportions.
"The rains were coupled with record water releases from six U.S. Army Corps of Engineers operated dams from Montana through South Dakota to relieve pressure on reservoirs swollen by snow melt and heavy rains...Peak releases are planned until at least mid-August and high flows are expected until December."
According to Bernard Shanks, an advisor to Resource Renewal Institute, these six dams - two of which, were build with a type of construction never used again,  in part because Fort Peck failed when it was under construction, killing eight men who remain buried in that dam until today - are weakening, requiring, and have required massive amounts of maintenance and repair, as does most of our nation's failing infrastructure.

Gavins Point is expected to release 160,000 cubic feet of water per second starting today. The floodgates were opened on the largest of those dams, Garrison - built on a shale foundation, as was Oahe - for the first time in its history, about a week ago, and found problems with the spillway.  If the spillways fail, the dams are made of earth, and there is no telling the problems that could occur. The reservior is approximately 175 miles long containing 20 million acre feet of water. With that much water, it could cause a domino effect resulting in the "most epic man-made disaster in the United States".

Fort Calhoun, is in emergency, and another reactor, Cooper, has been declared “notification of unusual event” as it is within an inch or two of being shut down. Cooper sits at 903 feet above sea level. 902 feet is the benchmark the river has to reach for its shut down.  And, they're running out of sand.

In addition to the evacuations, every bridge from Saint Joseph, MO to Omaha Nebraska is closed, including countless numbers of roads and sections of interstate highway closings, making it very difficult, if not impossible to travel, which begs the question, how much did the government know, and when? 

Well, on October 25, 2010, the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center requested information on commercially-available underwater body bags used for recovery operations of bodies and body parts.  Not to mention, the government admits to knowing this was going to happen, long ago. Yet, no warning? Where was/is the mainstream media on this?

Which begs even further questioning: What the hell is going on?  Is it just pure coincidence that scheduled military exercises  (9/11 war games, Gifford shooting, etc.) often go live, or coincide with real life disaster?  Is it just pure coincidence that thousands of FEMA camps are being set up throughout the country specifically for the American people? Are we going to see earthquakes, nuclear disasters, more biblical proportion flooding...maybe, as a pretext for mass evacuation of people into those FEMA camps?

If you still think this type of questioning is nuts, consider reality for a moment: the escalation of "Black Swan" events (events low probability and high consequence); the only difference being that many of these unpredictable events were predicted. Consider the government's obvious prior knowledge of  the flooding along the Missouri River.  Then, consider what they continue to focus on at the expense of everything else.  Consider how they've chosen to allocate our tax dollars, our resources, and our troops, especially, in the face of long-term unemployment, skyrocketing foreclosures and the continuous invasion into other countries...then, consider  the unbelievable tax-cuts to the wealthiest people in the world, many of whom, contributed to the collapse of our economy.  Consider the Supreme Court rulings that favor corporations over we, the people, and the list goes on and on...

A few months ago - as far as I can tell, since I'm not sure the video I posted is the original - a US Air Force veteran (inactive reserve), uploaded a video (below) explaining that when you enlist, you are automatically obligated to eight years of a commitment. That means that beyond your four years of active duty, you can be called back at any time in the state of an emergency. He went on to say that inactive reserve units were being organized, in every branch, all over the country. What's surprising is not that inactive reserves are being called up; rather, that they are being called up, all across the country.

"Just look at us. Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information and religions destroy spirituality" - Michael Ellne

Flooding in Minot the Greater Midwest: The Latest from the Disaster


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