Saturday, July 09, 2011

If You See Something, Say Something: America's Honeypot Trap.

Refuse to stand up in a stadium of misty-eyed sentimental Americans, hand to heart, bellowing out "God Bless America" and you will quickly see those misty eyes transform to ice as they angrily stare you down. America does not need to outlaw freedom of most speech as the majority of the indoctrinated population will do their utmost to stifle anyone who might question America's "manifest destiny". As for the few who are not so easily deceived, nor stifled, that's where plans b, c, d and e come in. Nevertheless, the powerful patriotic rallying cries, slogans, and songs are quite effective insofar as preventing American citizens from acknowledging the dark undercurrent lurking just beneath the surface that is so crucial to keeping America, "great".

You see, in a totalitarian government, citizens know the outcome should they dare to question the rich and powerful who run their country. Not so, in America. All too naive, Americans seldom realize the catastrophic consequences that await them should they get to close to the "honey pot" that they've been so encouraged to approach. If you see something, be very wary of saying something, because if you see or say the wrong thing at the wrong time...good luck is all that will stand between you and what could transform your American Dream into the American nightmare.

Whistleblower, Julia Davis, former federal officer at Department of Homeland Security, explains to Sibel Edmunds, another whistleblower and Peter B. Collins, the retaliation she experienced after reporting a very serious security lapse within the department.


Julia Davis blog

The Terror Within


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