Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Who Intentionally Breached the Levees? As If We Don't Know.

With all the concern over terrorism, one would think Homeland Security would be hysterically assigning a TSA agent to every home, public and private restroom, tollbooth, automobile, etc. within a 1000 mile radious of the Missouri River. But, no. Not a peep from our terror mongers.

No one seems all that concerned as they celebrate July 4th, glued to their televisions watching the Casey Anthony trial (I thought the courts closed down for July 4th, no?). Yet, some strange individual or entity is supposedly, blowing up the levee(s) in Pottawattamie County. That's right, officials said they received calls from people wanting to know why levees were being blown up. One caller claimed to have witnessed the explosion of the Vanmann No. 30 levee.

"Pottawattamie County officials said no government entity had anything to do with the detonation, and they did not have advance notice from the people responsible for the breach....The general stressed that he has not yet made the ultimate decision on activating the Birds Point-New Madird Floodway".

Now, here's the thing.  The Wall Street Journal reported, on April 30, of this year that the appeals court granted permision to the Army Corp of Engineers to explode levees, rejecting a request from the Missouri attorney general to stop the process.

And, apparently, the Army Corp of Engineers does not have to give notice. Some of these families, like that of Donald Brothers' family, dating back to 1865, will lose their homes and farmland, and lilihood. It's not as if they purchased these homes, knowing what was in store.

Intentional breaching of the Bird's Point Levee on May 2, 2011

Looks like damage control to me. On behalf of whom? Well, aside from the federal government, insurance companies, for one.


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