Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mexican Drug Cartels Give Parties for Top US Officials.

Did you know that the Mexican drug cartel kingpins gave/give parties to help out top U.S. officials - banksters, judges and top law enforcement officials?

Of course, you do...well, deep down, that is - countless cases of drug kingpins admitting they worked actively with U.S officials, Operation Fast and Furious, U.S./Afghan opium drug trade Iran Contra, anyone?  But because it's not splashed all over the 24/7 newsfeed, many or most of us tend to remain in comfortable denial. It's so much easier. After all, those who are attending these cartel parties see to it that we have enough to worry about, ensuring we won't have the time to worry about or investigate their "unjust activities".

Nevertheless, every once in a while, courageous Americans step up to the plate and try to do something about it. Greg Gonzales and Wesley Dutton, are two of those men, who worked undercover for the FBI and came forward with their findings.  They told the El Paso Times in Texas that they exposed extensive incidences of linking top U.S. officials to Mexican drug cartels. Instead of arrests and prosecutions of suspects, their "whistle-blowing activities have resulted only in threats and retaliation against themselves".  The FBI immediately relieved them of duty once they mentioned "big names", and refused to investigate their allegations. 

Moreover, according to Gonzales and Dutton,  local law enforcement assisted cartels in delivering drugs drug delivery to the states.

The only responses Dutton and Gonzalez have received are threats against their life. They are taking their case up with a DC-based foundation named Judicial Watch.

Anytime there is a "war on" something in this Orwellian world of ours, you should assume the complete opposite. War on drugs, war on terror, war on cancer - whatever the declared war - that "war" is most assuredly an effort to ensure and grow that particular targeted issue.  All of these wars are wars on life.  The result of these so-called wars speak for themselves.

War on Drugs = War on underclass
“I personally witnessed racially biased enforcement procedures when I ran a joint DEA task force. When I requested equal enforcement of upscale suburban areas, I met internal resistance. The war on drugs has put blacks behind bars for drug offenses at more than ten times the rate of whites, even though the evidence consistently shows that blacks are no more likely to use or sell currently illicit drugs than whites are. It is time to end this virtual race war.” -- Matthew Fogg, U.S. Marshal, LEAP member, and former BIG national first vice president
On a personal note, having attended a wealthy private college on the Main Line in Pennsylvania, I saw how widespread and prevalent drug dealing and drug using was, and I'm sure, still is amongst the priviliged class. The more wealthy the student's family, the more likely it was that he or she was either taking or selling drugs.  Moreover, shoplifting was as common as breathing amongst the wealthier students. They had no fear. They knew they would never feel the consequences of their actions, and they were right.   In all of my four years, I never saw or heard of one arrest...ever.

War on Terror = War on American psyche
Instilling fear in the American public in order to render them submissive, and groing the terrorism industrial complex is the only goal of this war, which really targets you and me.

War on Cancer = War on the health

See: See How the FDA Suppresses a Cure for Cancer

Blacks in Government (BIG) - .

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP)


Anonymous,  20:53  

You forgot to include that the two FBI informants also went to Rick Perry with evidence accompanying this info. Perry blew them off completely.

The whole government is corrupt.

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