Friday, October 14, 2011

Besting God: The Versace Body Design.

Are people becoming obsolete?

"After all the body is an extension of fashion...We will have cyborg bodies. We will have augmented bodies.  We will auto-morph ourselves into whatever vehicle keeps us in existence for the longest period of time with the most pleasure, the least pain, and the most ease, the most elegance ." - Natasha Vita More transhumanist artist in documentary, TechnoCalyps, below
Non – biological intelligence is growing exponentially, while biological intelligence is not growing at all. Does this mean that one day machines will have consciousness? Will rule us?

At the dawn of the third millennium, we face the possibility of fully merging man and machine, radically changing mankind as we know it. Technology is about to take over the torch of history and guide us into a new era with the goal of transcending human limits and creating a more evolved species. This begs the question, what will happen to human beings? Like the Neanderthals, will human beings become a fossil of history? Or, will the new evolved species enslave human beings?

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Here's a thought. Why not slow down? Find out what the technological agenda is. There is never a time to stop and evaluate. Everything moves so fast that "we're" on to the next thing before getting a chance to process the latest technology. What's the hurry? Why not understand the technology we've discovered before diving blindly into the next realm?
[The problem is that the] "accelerating pace of innovation is destabilizing...  There is an infinite deferring of evaluation and decisions.. -- David F. Noble, Historian of Technology, author of Science and Relgion: A World Without Women.


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