Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Death of Humility: Becoming God.

Is there an esoteric agenda that we, the mostly complacent white people (marginalized minorities - especially poor blacks - are already well aware of the diabolical nature of those in charge as they have been their targets for centuries), are helping to forward in absolute ignorance? Could it be that "transhumanism" - a term coined by Julian Huxley, a prominent eugenicist - upon closer inspection, is really a repackaged form of eugenics? After all, both transhumanism and eugenics seek to breed better human beings, and desire to perfect humanity through science.
“Initially, however, the greatest advantages will go to those who have the resources, the skills, and the willingness to learn to use new tools. One can speculate that some technologies may cause social inequalities to widen. For example, if some form of intelligence amplification becomes available, it may at first be so expensive that only the wealthiest can afford it. The same could happen when we learn how to genetically enhance our children. Those who are already well off would become smarter and make even more money. This phenomenon is not new. Rich parents send their kids to better schools and provide them with resources such as personal connections and information technology that may not be available to the less privileged. Such advantages lead to greater earnings later in life and serve to increase social inequalities.”
Scientism, the religion of the future, is the practice of science as religion, and is currently the religion of the elites, whether they admit to it or not. Achieving "godhood" is their ultimate goal and if history has anything to say about it,  this envisioned “technotopia” will be off-limits to the masses.


In the hands of a scientific and rich elite on the threshold of acquiring god-like capabilities that will transcend human limits through technological deification is nothing to celebrate, given what we know about how they treat average tax paying citizens.  To be sure, this deifying technology will never endow them with what has traditionally been associated with God, and that is divine love. In fact, that's the price. 

Corporatism's crushing drain upon humanity, for their benefit, is already taking its toll, as we - brainwashed by the corporate propaganda that defines our culture - mindlessly pursue growth for the sake of growth alone, despite its horrific cost. It's evidenced in the 20,000 unique species that disappear from our planet, forever, each year. The machinery of our civilization feeds on destruction and death in order to progress, yet, it's so ingrained into our culture that we're barely aware of its evil. Why? Because the powers that be have gradually alienated us from the natural world, wrapping us in a cocoon of a synthetic fibers, foods, and pharmaceuticals, of which we've grown accustomed.

So now that we've allowed corporations to open thousands, if not millions of Pandora's Boxes over the last 50 years, taking very little, if any precautions, whatsoever, mad scientists of every kind can't open enough Pandora's Boxes in their effort to transform man into god. "Our challenge is not to learn to control nature more effectively but rather to learn self-control and restraint.
"We are going to become gods, period. If you don’t like it, get off. You don’t have to contribute. You don’t have to participate. But if you are going to interfere with me becoming god, we’re going to have trouble. We’re going to have warfare. The only was you can prevent me…is to kill me. And, you kill me, I’ll kill you." Richard Seed, physicist, human cloning researcher.
I think it was Lucifer who suggested that nature is imperfect, and that only the hand of man can perfect it.  Really? What has man perfected thus far to produce such arrogance? 


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