Monday, November 28, 2011

Black Friday 2011: What Happens When Things Really Get Tough?

Just imagine if the following people in the videos below were hungry. And instead of clamoring for cheaply made electronics, toys, clothes, basically, next month's garbage; they were clamoring for food or water. After all, we may be on track to a global financial crisis that makes 2008 seem mild, according to some. Nevertheless, whether  it's fear-mongering or not, financial conditions for Main Street are certainly not improving. Right now, it's estimated that 45% of Americans cannot make ends meet.

So, what happens when 70%...80%...90% of Americans can't make ends meet?  Well, hopefully, "competitive shopping",  pepper spraying for a competitive edge, or worse, will not take hold amongst the masses. 

Thousand Oaks Mall in California.:

Some of the worst Black Friday events seem to happen at Wal-Mart. Coincidence?

Texas Wal-Mart:

Greenville, North Carolina Wal-Mart

Antelope CA Wal-Mart:

And Thanksgiving night - because Black Friday isn't enough - at a Wal-Mart in Utah


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