Sunday, December 18, 2011

Our Oxymoronic Orwellian Government.

"They did not feel the abyss opening beneath their feet at the thought of lies becoming truths." -- George Orwell

"Doublethink" - the art of taking common words and twisting their meaning so that war is peace and transparent is opaque, the allowing of two contradictory thoughts to be held as equally valid - "Newspeak" - language designed to create fuzzy ideas and a lack of logical thinking - and “Memory Holes" - repository for the destruction of inconvenient documents and removing them from public circulation - are mind control techniques that our current administration have mastered. Not only have they mastered Orwellian technique, they advertise!

Take President Obama's latest Orwellian statement: claiming he would veto the provision in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (NDAA), which basically states that the homeland is part of the battlefield, and that American citizens can be held without charge or trial. From the start, he had no intention to veto sections 1031 and 1032. How can we know this?  Those sections give the executive branch and the military full authority to arrest, indefinitely detain and interrogate American citizens. It affords no trial, no representation and no charges — stripping "We the People" of our Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights.  This falls right in line with the administration's agenda based on what we know about the administration's past decisions about acts granting the executive office broadly interpreted powers, including the power to assassinate American citizens without due process.

The U.S. Code, hundreds of thousands of pages of codified general statutes, regulations and annotations, has basically rendered all of us felons. Because you can bet your ass that each and every single one of us are in violation of an obscure, meaningless regulation within the vast sea of overly complex, meant to obfuscate language in the never-ending pages of bloated, antiquated code.

So, in this Orwellian world of ours, where the inversion of the logic of ethics - reaping reward for harming others - underpins the "rule of law", it's not so far-fetched that "We, the 99%" are considered guilty until proven innocent, as we are felons before we take our first step.

An imperialist government achieves its ends through war mentality and the first victim of war is the truth.


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