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Big Pharma and the Nazi Roots of the European Union.

Slowly but surely, step by step, over the last six decades, Europe has appeared to be awkwardly stumbling toward a more cohesive union, thee Brussels European Union (EU). I say appeared because the truth is, from the very beginning, dating back to 1938--officially--the path of this union was a carefully planned route to establishing a dictatorship of corporate interests in Europe.

That's right, the people conducting the monstrous medical experiments were only executing the commercial interests of Bayer and Hoecht, who wanted to test their newly patented drugs in Auschwitz and Buchenwald to ready them for the world market. The bottom line here is that the history leading up to the gradual establishment of the EU is much more interesting, and in some ways, much worse, than what's reported in the mainstream media or taught in the schools. Of course, this is true for most of history, but I digress.

Before we get started, please take note of the propaganda terminology, or Nazi Newspeak, that is used in documents, speeches, and articles before, during and after the war. For example, the inscription on the Auschwitz concentration camp that read: "Labor liberates" was this Oil and Drug cartel's Nazi new-speak for extermination through labor.

Okay, back to the Nazi roots of the EU. It was German Scientific Researcher,  Dr. Matthais Rath, former director of the Linus Pauling Institute and now director of the Rath Foundation, who, while investigating problems of human health, discovered approximately 50,000 documents that reveal and prove that the "undemocratic structure of the “Brussels EU” has its roots in the post WWII plans of the IG Farben/Nazi-coalition in a conquered Europe." Moreover, he discovered that patents--in this case, Big Pharma--are used as a tool for obstructing innovation in the area of health and welfare, that the un-patentable--vitamins and other natural substances--are being actively fought against for primarily economic reasons. After all, perpetuating illness is big business.

Here's the dirty little secret that is gradually being exposed through people like Dr. Rath and author of IBM and the Holocaust, amongst several other very well documented books, Edwin Black.  WWII, like WWI was initiated on behalf of the German pharmaceutical/chemical cartel, and other commercial interests. Hitler and the Nazis were merely the ruthless puppets; yes, the corporate interests invested in the Nazis. In fact, unbeknownst to many, after the war, in 1945, 24 men from IG Farben were put on trial for their crimes. The IG Farben cartel became the largest supporter of the Nazi's rise to power, and eventually the rise of the Brussels European Union. The terms 'coalition' and 'marriage' were used during the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunals to characterize the relationship between the Cartel and the Nazis in preparing and launching WWII.
"The I.G. Farben Trial, the sixth Subsequent Nuremberg Proceeding, was tried by Military Tribunal VI, which had been created by the US Military Government for Germany on August 8, 1947.

An indictment filed on May 3 named 24 defendants, all in the I.G. Farben industrial concern, and listed five counts: the planning, preparation, initiation, and waging of wars of aggression and invasions of other countries; committing war crimes and crimes against humanity through the plunder and spoliation of public and private property in countries and territories that came under German occupation; committing war crimes and crimes against humanity through participating..."
After WW II, in the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal, the military and political puppets, the Nazi henchmen, were presented to the world, a few punished for their egregious crimes against humanity, while the engineers of the war, the puppeteers and political experts for the Cartel's conquest plans escaped, receiving at most, a slap on the wrist behind the scenes.

For example, in 1948, the CEO of Bayer, Fritz Ter Meer was sentenced to seven years in prison in the Nuremberg Trials. By 1956, he was not only out of prison, but, once again, chairman of the board at Bayer, the corporate flagship and driving force of the Brussels EU. However, that's only a small part of the story, there is so much more. The European Union was planned well in advance to WW II.  Not to mention,  the overall process began before WW I.

The key architect or founding father (12 founding fathers) of the EU,  known as "the first King of modern Europe" was a man named, Walter Hallstein, a prominent lawyer in Nazi Germany. As a prominent lawyer, he was a member of the delegation, "Working Group of German-Italian Legal Relations," obviously a deceptive cover.  In June 1938, the Hitler regime sent Hallstein to Rome to negotiate with Mussolini's lawyers to lay the dictatorial framework for the EU. His assignment: "to model the 'Brussels EU' after the original plans of the Nazi/IG Farben coalition to rule Europe through a 'Central Cartel Office'."

After the war, Hallstein was interrogated by the Denazification committee of the allies. However, he blatantly denied any association with the Nazis when, in reality, he was associated with the most notorious professional pillar of the Nazi regime  called the Rechtswahrer Organization or the Nazi Association of Law Protectors .

From there he was picked up by the first German chancellor, from the IG Farben cartel, Konrad Adenauer--several chancellors came directly from this cartel--and promoted to first chief negotiator for preparing the Rome treaties, which became the legal foundation of the Brussels EU in 1957. Subsequently, he was promoted by West German government as the first president of the EU commission, and was given a staff of  8,000  to create what we know today as the Brussels EU.

The EU has the exclusive right to initiate legislation. It's an outright dictatorship on behalf of corporate interests masked by the propaganda that praises Europe as the model of peace and prosperity. The ultimate goal is the subjugation of Europe --and later, the entire world--under complete economic, political, and judicial control of the Nazi/IG Farben coalition better known as the "Thousand Year Reich".

Fast forward to today and the global powers have not yet given  up.  Far from it.  While they are forgoing a military attempt to finally institute this global dictatorship, they are, instead, using economic strangulation and political coercion to further their long-term economic and political goals.


Interview with Dr. Rath.

The Nazi Roots of the Brussels EU


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