Sunday, January 06, 2013

The Lawless America Revolution

Lawless America is a project created by William M. Windsor, and GRIP -- Government Reform & Integrity Platform dedicated to exposing dishonesty and corruption in government while presenting ways to battle this epidemic. Mr. Windsor ventured out, by himself, and interviewed thousands of people on a 173 day road trip throughout the United States. These stories are, plain and simple, horror stories of unbelievable accounts of judicial and government corruption. But as unbelievable as they sound, they're true. Most provide evidence, not to mention Mr. Windsor thoroughly checks out each person interviewed.

Ultimately, Mr. Windsor plans to edit the countless hours of the footage he's taken down to a two-hour film and enter it in the Sundance Film Festival. But his most important goal is to deliver the videos of testimony he's already produced to Congress the first weekend in February 2013.

Meet Me in DC. February 5-6, 2013.

"We hope to have at least one constituent for every member of Congress to hand-deliver the 50+ hours of Congressional testimony filmed by Lawless America from over 1,000 people filmed during the Road Trip....This is going to be a truly special event. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of victims of government and judicial corruption will be in Washington DC. There has never been a larger group of whistleblowers to let their voices be heard. We will be presenting over 50 hours of testimony to Congress, part of over 2,000 hours of interviews conducted by Bill Windsor for Lawless America."

Here are a few stories that, in my humble opinion, are so compelling they should be considered required viewing.

Mind-blowing accounts of Child "Protective" Services and Family Court corruption:

Here (below) is the amazing story of Dr. Elizabeth Rohr of Dallas Texas, who, as someone commented: "Elizabeth's story sounds like the book of Job in the Bible" due to her well-connected monster ex-husband and the very corrupt Texas system of "justice."

See also: Another Family Blames Dawson State Jail For Inmate Death Dawson State Jail, where Dr. Rohr was incarcerated, is a low security facility for people convicted of non-violent crimes run by Corrections Corporation of America, a private prison management company that has a contract with the State of Texas. As Dr. Rohr stated in her testimony, inmates are treated like cattle, or worse.

Dawson State Jail Intolerable Conditions - more first hand accounts at the "house of horrors". Remember, these non-violent inmates are extraordinarily profitable for the prison industrial complex.

These are just...heartbreaking.


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