Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Great Man Made Global Warming Swindle May Finally Come to an End.

Why did the temp go DOWN at the same time industrial
growth and CO2 level soared, if global warming is man-made?
The "theory" of man-made global warming, untroubled by any contrary evidence no matter how strong, is now so firmly entrenched, the voices of opposition so effectively silenced that it seems virtually impossible to stop this myth [see video below]  from continuing to perpetuate.

There are billions and billions of dollars invested in the "anthropogenic global warming" industry, which means there is a huge constituency dependent upon those dollars, and they have every intention of ensuring that this agenda plays forward, despite the total lack of hard evidence.

However, there is hope.  The Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC) just announced that a news conference has been scheduled for August 21, 2013, during which the end of global sea level rise will be formally declared and a specific timetable for sea level decline will be released.
Mr. Casey clarifies by saying, “ One of the myths of manmade climate change caused by human CO2 emissions has been the threat to the world’s largest cities caused by global sea level rise. Two years ago we issued a preliminary finding that within two or three years the data to make a final assessment on the future of global sea level rise would be available. That data is in. It is time to provide a formal statement on the end of global sea level rise, the latest phase of which began roughly two hundred years ago. Like most major climate events, the past sea level rise was caused by the Sun and had little or nothing to do with mankind’s industrial greenhouse gas emissions. Now that the Sun has entered a state of “solar hibernation” and is cutting back on the energy by which it warms the Earth, a new and potentially dangerous decades-long drop in global temperatures has begun. The atmosphere and the oceans are cooling rapidly. Along with this next climate change to one of extreme global cooling, the oceans will contract, and sea levels will begin to drop as they always do during extended cold climates.”

As to why this forecast should be accepted by the US government which still maintains that manmade global warming is real, Casey adds a basic fact,” When it comes to believing who is right about climate change, the answer is fairly straight forward. Who has the best record for climate predictions?
The US government under President Obama and the United Nations have an abysmal record with their predictions for climate change. They have said mankind’s CO2 is driving the climate in accordance with the greenhouse gas theory. However, the past decades and billions of dollars spent to prove this age-old, disputed theory have shown conclusively that the greenhouse gas theory and the dozens of climate models made from it simply don’t work. It has been an unmitigated failure of science and governmental leadership. It is becoming more and more embarrassing for leaders from local to state, to federal levels as they attempt to defend it. On the other hand, my Relational Cycle Theory of climate change and the use of solar activity forcing (SAF) models by scientists who study Sun-Earth climate interactions, routinely demonstrate over 90% reliability in climate prediction. These tools have allowed me and the team at the SSRC to establish a track record for major climate prediction success that is today, still unmatched by the UN, the US government’s science agencies, including NASA and NOAA and the EPA.

The core question then is do we want our people and our government to be led astray by theories that don’t work or do we want to base our government, our economy, and our lives on theories that do work? It is time to cast off the failed theories and politics of the past and get prepared for the new cold era. Our planned news conference on the coming reduction in global sea levels is part of the process of returning to a fact-based and not a politically correct version causes and effects of climate change.”

What Al Gore doesn't tell you about the ice core survey is that it shows CO2 increase lags
behind temp rise by 800 years, so obviously CO2 is NOT the cause of that warming.
The analogy I use is, my car's not running very well, but I'm going to ignore the engine, which is the sun, and I'm gonna ignore the transmission which is the water vapor and I'm going to look at a nut on the right rear wheel which is the human produced CO2. The science is that bad. -- Prof Tim Ball, Dept. of Climatology Univ of Winnipeg


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