Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Internet is Slowly Changing Current Ownership Culture

"Ownership" implies control, and our Founding fathers conceived of an "ownership society" "We the People" could easily participate, enabling us to maintain a certain amount of control over our own lives. Back then, society was primarily agrarian, and owning land not only provided shelter but also offered, if one was willing to work hard, a source of income.

Today, owning land does not carry the same weight as it once did, making it much harder to maintain control over one's life, therefore making it impossible to preserve the Founding father's idea of what an "ownership society" looks like. In order to maintain their vision we must revise the outdated model based on agrarian culture and update it to an "ownership society" based on the technological society we currently have.

The birth of the Internet offers the potential of to forge a new type of "ownership society", once again giving everyone a chance to participate. Ecommerce or using the Internet as part of your business model allows us to participate as we have not been able to do for a long time considering a very small number of large bureaucratic corporations make it impossible to compete on our own, forcing most of us to submit to them where everything is on their terms. Web based services such as Ashop Commerce make it simple by providing shopping cart software anyone can customize in an attempt a start-up business of their own.

Of course, "We the People" have a long way to go before we can honestly say we own our own lives again because it is clear we do not, however, the Internet is one option available to all of us that can free us from the corporatization of society.


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