Thursday, March 17, 2011

Large Earthquake Warning for West Coast Between March 19th and 26th

Geologist Jim Berkland, who predicted the 8.9 "World Series" earthquake, four days before it hit the San Francisco Bay area in 1989, said there is a high probability of another big earthquake hitting North America (Pacific-Northwest), this month (a top seismic window is developing between the 19th and 26th of March).

This is due to the coinciding of three of the maximum tide-raising forces:  a full moon on the 19th;  the closest approach of the moon, within an hour of the full moon, to the earth until 2016; and the very next day, an equinoctial tide. Not only that, the massive fish-kills near Redondo Beach and Mexico and the beaching of whales in San Diego point to changes in the magnetic field that often predict larger earthquakes.

The "official" word from former Department of Homeland Security inspector general Richard Skinner is that we're not prepared as as we should be for an earthquake on the scale of the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan."


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Section Of Hwy 1 Falls Into Ocean 01:10  

You forgot to mention the 40-foot section of hwy that fell into the Pacific ocean today.

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