Monday, February 13, 2012

Cold Shutdown? Fukushima Reactor Reaches Highest Temperature Ever.

On September 28, 2011, it was reported that the Japanese prime minister at the time - Naoto Kan - contemplated evacuating tens of millions of people from in and around Tokyo - that's 30 million people - but didn't because he feared the panic and chaos that would result. The Japanese leadership were also accused of knowing months ago that areas around the nuclear plant would not be habitable for decades.

In December, 2011, the Japanese government and TEPCO declared that all the reactors were in a state of "cold shutdown".  However, in the last few days, one TEPCO graph showed that Reactor No. 2 showed a temperature spike in excess of 90 degrees Celsius . With the injection of massive amounts of water, the temperature is now at 78 degrees Celcius.

MsMilkytheclown is doing a great job of reporting on the ongoing, under-reported Fukushima crisis.

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Tepco Says Faulty Gauge Behind Temperature Rise in Fukushima 00:31  

I had a feeling they would go with this excuse.

Anonymous,  00:35  

There are a few points wrong with this "faulty gauge" story. TEPCO tested the thermocouple by measuring the resistance. The indicated temperature reached the maximum of 400C, and then dropped to 0?? Thermocouples are tested by measuring the voltage. Usually, they work or don't work.

Yesterday, at the press conference, the TEPCO spokesperson was very uncomfortable about some of the questions from the journalists, like we should just except what they state.

Jeff,  01:01  

They lied to begin with. A cold shutdown cannot be achieved at any of the three units suffering meltdowns and/or melt thrus. A Corium mass eating thru its concrete mat is not a viable state to define a reactor, which is REQUIRED for a cold shutdown.

They're pretending that the damage done is not as bad as it is, to rebuild confidence, to avoid Japan going non nuclear.

Roth's stepchild 14:40  

:31, thanks for the link. I was pretty sure they would use that excuse, whether true or not.

:35, I have absolutely no knowledge of the technical aspects, so that's very interesting. thanks.

Jeff, thanks! I'm really getting an education about this stuff.

Anonymous,  06:32  

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