Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Quattuordecillion in Secrert Sovereign Wealth Funds?

I was still trying to conceptualize $1 trillion when I came across the concept of $1 "quattuordecillion" - that's one, followed by 45 zeros:  $1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000! Enough money to buy a gold cube the size of the orbit of Saturn!  Now, I don't know about you, but I was never taught to count that high. In fact, to be honest, I never knew such a word existed; let alone, the idea of that much wealth.  So, one has to ask: who possesses this unbelievable accumulation of wealth?  If in fact, it exists. Well, who do you think? That infinitesimally small group of people who possess and control everything else: the global elite. Of course, they have done everything in their power to keep this a big secret, including a launching a disinformation campaign on the Internet that includes all the big players: Wikipedia, Google, etc.

The global GDP is reported to be $55 trillion annually, but you see governments maintain two sets of accounting books. One which is displayed to the public which contains official data issued by the government, and another secretive version which is used between sovereign entities. It is this secretive ledger that contains both the collateral accounts and Saint Germain's Foundation Divine and World Trust

Okay, for those of you who do not equate deep research with conspiracy fruitcakes, a little history:

In 1875 the wealth and assets of the royal families and nations held under colonial rule were centralized into one combined account to be used to the benefit of all nations. Then in 1921 the Royal Families and nations that owned the wealth in the Collateral Accounts agreed to establish the Trilateral Trillenium Tripartite Gold Commission to house and oversee these combined funds that contain deliverable precious metals and currencies worth upwards of one quattuordecillion dollars.  The  Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, contains within its ledger, the World Trust which is now worth $1 quatrodecillion dollars

From 1944/5 - 1994/5 The Trilateral Trillenium Tripartite Gold Commission (TTTGC) was organized and implemented, by the Nations of the World, with a Term period of 50 years. During this term period the Commission held the Mandate, Rights and Authorities over The Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. Following the expiry of the 50 year term, the Nations of the World, disappointed with the biased way The Combined International Collateral Accounts had been utilised within the 50 years, agreed not to extend the term of the TTTGC, but instead appointed a single independent person to the position of International Treasury Controller with full rights, authority, and legal ownership of the Combined International Collateral Accounts.
Extensions of this agreement were expanded through international treaties, some of which are still classified as top secret, including:

Jekyll Island Treaty (1910)
The London Treaty (1920)
The Second Plan of the Experts (1929)
The Hague Agreement (1930)
The Far East Combined Depositories Agreement (1932 1945)
The Bretton Woods Agreement (1944)
The B.I.S. / Allies Agreement (1948)
The Green Hilton Agreement (1963)
The Schweitzer Conventions (1968)
The Election / Appointment of Sole Arbiter Agreements (1995)
The Washington Panel (1998)
The Treaty for Respecting the Rights (2003)

These treaties were ratified by the sovereign nations of the world.. Proof of such is recorded in every nations charter of the U.N. The USA charter is based on the constitution and thus subject to constitutional law. Only Kings/Queens, Presidents, Prime Ministers, and in some cases Minsters of Finance or Foreign Affairs are granted access to these accounts. Verification is undertaken through a specific office under specific protocols dictated by the Head Office of the United Nations.

To curtail - or possibly, escalate illegal activities -  in 1995, the Trillenium Trilateral Tripartite Commission was stripped of its power and placed under the control of the International Treasury Controller and the Office of International Treasury Control, at the United Nations. Additionally, they now have jurisdiction over the IMF, World Bank, and the Bank of International Settlements which are all part of the Collateral Accounts. Despite this; the IMF, World Bank, and BIS continue to use the assets illegally for their own financing without giving any thought to the needs of the people of the world.

A controversial whistle blower has said that the US did not like that result and so the US, UK and France and their allies have continued to act as rogue nations attempting to keep stolen assets (and seeking to steal more) from the Collateral Accounts. These nations are, supposedly, covertly hindering the work of the OITC; hiding behind the secrecy provisions in the various treaties that established the OITC, as they seek to limit and even destroy the OITC's global wealth creation initiatives. He has also claimed that some of the assets were deposited at Ft. Hood, in an underground facility.

Who, in particular, is in charge of all this wealth? The Office of International Treasury Control?  Well, a man named Dr. Ray C. Dam is currently Chairman of this little known office.  Dam was appointed by the nations of the world as International Treasury Controller, Legal Decadency to Heir, Sole Arbiter, Owner and Controller of all Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, under International Legal Transfer Record RCD1088.   However, Dr. Ray C. Dam is a person, but His Excellency Dr. Ray C. Dam is a certified and indemnified international Central Banking financial institution operating as The Office of International Treasury Control.
The Assets of the Combined International Collateral Accounts are in constant use, assisting to finance countries and such organisations, either in part or full, as the International Monetary Fund, The World Bank, The International Finance Corporation, International Development Banks, United Nations, and additionally under-pinning the US Dollar as the World’s Reserve Currency.

George Freund
posted the documents "purporting the sovereign wealth of those who claim to be sovereign".  And below you will find a letter that has been verified as being issued by Russell L. Munk, International Division, US Treasury, General Counsel, International Department, US Treasury, Washington D.C. 20220, USA, as of the date of the letter.
Now, for the important part. How do these funds reach you and me? Oh, I didn't tell you. These prosperity funds were created, in part, for the common man; although, we're at the bottom of the heap, because they must first travel down through 30.000 different trust funds beginning with the World Trust, at the highest level, under the world court.
  • Level one: Saint Germain's Foundation Divine and World Trust
  • Level two: 180 Royal Trusts. Examples include the French Trust, Russian Trust, Vatican Trust
  • Level Three: Illuminati Family Trusts. Examples include Warburg Trust, Rothschilds Trust Rockefeller Trust
  • Level Four: 250+ Corporate Trusts including GE, Lockheed, and at&t
  • Level Five: Prosperity Program Trusts and 72 Bank Roll Programs managed by the IMF under the guidance of Saint Germain Bank roll programs include Bergavine, Omega and Freedom
The funds travel through each level they must be signed off by 4-5 trustees per trust

Starting at 38:40, the video below explains the collateral accounts

Ecclesiastes 6:2 A man to whom God hath given riches, wealth, and honour, so that he wanteth nothing for his soul of all that he desireth, yet God giveth him not power to eat thereof, but a stranger eateth it: this is vanity, and it is an evil disease.
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