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Is AIDS a Deliberately Created Biological Agent?

We've been led to believe that AIDS came from African Green Monkeys, but  many very intelligent people, including doctors, lawyers and Nobel Peace Prize winners seem to think that this fatal leap from ape to man theory is pure rubbish, backed up by politically motivated, psuedoscience. Moreover, they can prove Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) was created in a lab with documentation. And some, such as Dr. Body 'Ed' Graves, J.D., have experienced, first hand, the ramifications of not only exposing that evidence, but through his personal experience with HIV/AIDS.

In 2004, ecologist Wangari Maathai, the first African woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize, claimed that the AIDS virus was a deliberately created biological agent, a genocidal plot against the third world. She won the prize for her work in human rights and reversing deforestation across Africa.

How is this possible when genetic manipulation is, from what we've been told, fairly recent technology? Well, according to Dr. Romesh Senewiratne, if you read the work of Macfarlane Burnet (biological warfare expert) and publications of the Walter and Eliza Hall institute in the 1950s and 60s you will find that techniques for genetic manipulation of viruses through a range of means was underway long before the appearance of HIV. In fact, you can trace the genetic engineering/manipulation back to the early 1900s, beginning with the Rockefeller-funded research of Peyton Rous, who transplanted cancer between species in the early 1900s.

When "kuru" (a New Guinean term [to represent] infective spongiform encephalitis [now referred to as prion]) ) was first described by Carlton Gadjusek and MacFarlane Burnet as an infective agent "spread by cannibalism" in the 1950s, it was described as a "slow virus". These were later termed "retroviruses". In fact, the infection they called "kuru" is pathologically indistinguishable from a sheep virus known as "scrapie". It so happens that the epidemic broke out very close to an ANZAC Second World War base, and that Macfarlane Burnet (from Melbourne University) and Gadjusek (from NIH) were both biological warfare experts.
HIV was developed as a retrovirus (previously called a 'slow virus') by scientists in Australia, USA, Japan and France. It was seeded into targeted populations through a number of means - infected batches of vaccines, blood transfusions and other blood products, and possibly specially bred mosquitoes (entomological warfare, at which Australia's CSIRO are world leaders)...
My research suggests that HIV was manufactured from selective splicing of pathogenic genes into the sheep retrovirus known as "scrapie" using bacteriophage technology (in which the Australian scientist Sir Frank MacFarlane Burnet was a pioneer in the 1940s, 50s and 60s). Infected batches of vaccines (notably hepatitis B vaccines, injected polio and smallpox vaccines) are implicated in the initial epidemics in Africa and the USA and subsequent epidemics in New Guinea and the Pacific Islands.-- Dr. Romesh Senewiratne

One more thing. HIV/AIDS is not a gay disease, which becomes evident once you begin looking at the epidemiological facts. Since this biological agent began ravaging sub-Saharan Africa--which is home to just over 12% of the world’s population but two-thirds of all people infected with HIV, 13 women for every 10 men--in the early 1980s it has NOT been associated with either homosexuality or injecting drug use there.

"Eugenics and Genocide in the Modern World - the Cause of the AIDS Epidemic"


Anonymous,  18:33  

Cancer and virtually all the "modern diseases" of civilization - aka age-related and chronic diseases - are caused by infectious proteins called prions or "proteinaceous infectious particles."

Prions use the immune system to spread in the body, relocating to cause a variety of diseases from Mad Cow to AIDS, Alzheimer's, diabetes 2, obesity, ALS and more.

Prions are created in industrial processes, and spread around the world via product distribution systems for international trade - then they mutate and evolve to infect any cell they might touch, and go airborne too.

The major stakeholders of corporate industry identified the this problem as early as World War I, but chose to play the crisis as a business opportunity, FOR PROFIT, and to develop the situation as a POPULATION CONTROL strategy. Their master plan involved letting people get sick, building a lucrative drug and medical industry to treat the symptoms, controlling research to protect the contaminating industries - and profiting across the board. Any damning information that got out was suppressed or ridiculed to avoid accountability and legal liability. Instead, the financial elite positioned to justify mass quarantines and human depopulation. Part of the quarantine and depopulation phase involves fear mongering - by BLAMING THE VICTIM and DEMONIZING the SICK, HOMELESS AND JOBLESS.

Peter,  22:34  

Do you ever wonder why, in this technologically advanced society where we know more about disease than ever before, that diseases, instead of dwindling, are proliferating at an alarming rate?

One of the most remarkable changes in medicine during the last 20 years of the 20th century was the shift from the clinical-neuropathological classification of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) and related disorders as 'transmissible spongiform encephalopathies' to a molecular-etiologic classification as 'prion protein (devoid of nucleic acid) MISfolding diseases' transmissible through inoculation and/or ingestion. Vaccines anyone?

Prions are the MECHANISM; additives, preservatives, hormones, vaccine, etc., are "initiating triggers" that can cause proteins to misfold, misassemble or misprocess. When that happens, infectious prions are created, and spread through the body, causing disease.

...Different exposures affect different proteins, and create different prions. Also, if the exposure is low level and transient, our bodies flush the prions; if the exposures are high level or constant, the prions tend to stick around and propagate.

Prions, and/or the prion making triggers, travel through water, soil erosion, rain cycles, wind even if you never directly consume or inhale the toxins.

Damian Flynn 02:25  

Contagious AIDS is a psychological disease inspired by lessons learned from Scientology, and MKultra in general. HIV/AIDS is just another part of the New Age movement. It enables governments to advocate silly things like condoms for negros, through their NGOs without being ridiculed and criticised by the public.

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